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Welcome to Our Members' Personal Websites or Contact Details


Lavandou Exotics & Persians


Exotikatts (Breeder of Exotic Shorthair & Norwegian Forest Cats)


Breeder of Exotic Shorthair & Norwegian Forest Cats
Jenny Niven
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 780643

Tinabee Persians, Exotics & Birmans

Web site http://www.aristocats-cattery.co.uk
Email: nan.bond@btconnect.com


Owletts Chinchilla Persians & Exotic Shorthairs

Web site http://www.owletts.moonfruit.com/
Email: owletts@care4free.net

Pennydown British Shorthairs & Exotics

Web site http://www.pennydowncats.com/
Email: pennydown@aol.com
Tel: 01945 780027

Sheerbliss Persians

Web site http://www.sheerblisspersians.co.uk/
Email: heather@sheerblisspersians.co.uk


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