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Linking to Us

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Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F.) Sites

Governing Council of The Cat Fancy Logo The G.C.C.F. is the governing body of The Cat Fancy and is the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club.
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Supreme Show Logo The 'Supreme' is the official Cat Show of the G.C.C.F.
G.C.C.F. Cat Welfare Trust This site gives information about the G.C.C.F. Cat Welfare Trust

Health Related Sites

Feline Advisory Bureaux Logo The Feline Advisory Bureau is a charity which promotes the health and welfare of cats by making information available to vets, breeders and owners
Max's House Button Maxs House is a charitable welfare institution. However, the site contains extensive, fully up to date medical information
An EXCELLENT resource
The Pet Health Portal Logo The aim of The Pet Health Portal site is to provide
comprehensive healthcare information and news
about cats and other animals

Other Major Cat Organizations

FIFe Logo The FIFe, (Féderation Internationale Féline) lists its members and affiliated clubs
Cat Fanciers Association Logo The Cat Fanciers Association has several pages on their website specific to Exotics in the U.S.A.
Other national/international registering bodies and organizations can be found on the G.C.C.F. site

Cat Publication / TV Sites

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy OurCats Magazine Logo OurCats, The Official Journal of the G.C.C.F., formerly known as Cats Magazine
Cat World Magazine Logo Cat World is a U.K. magazine dedicated to cats

General Dedicated Cat Sites

Cats United International Button Cats United International describe their site as... 'a tribute to cats all over the world and the ones who care about them'.
I Love Cats Logo I Love Cats is a large and very popular site
KittySites Logo Kittysites has a varied content of interest to the breeder

Welfare Organizations

Cats ProtectionLogo Cats Protection is a U.K. charity which works to protect and find homes for abandoned cats and kittens
R.S.P.C A. Logo The U.K. charity
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals aims to save animals in distress

Pet Travel

Pet Travel Scheme Logo Travelling abroad with your pet? Then visit this site for advice

Just For Fun

Freddie Sreet Cats Logo Meet the 9 Freddie Street Cats in London.
A light-hearted look at life from a cats point of view.
Citizen Lunch Box's Index of Famous Cats This Citizen Lunch Box site has hundreds of famous cat, famous people's cats and wild cat entries taken from stories, folklore, T.V., comics, etc.. A very unusual and interesting place to visit.
Giggle Logo This Owl and The Pussycat poem by Edward Lear was found on this Giggle site, a site containing stories and poems. Since the this was the theme of the best decorated pen at our First Championship 2002 show - why not!!

Web and Graphics Sites

Cat Stuff Logo Cat Stuff is where we got our great graphics from
Boogie Jack's Button Boogie Jack's is a new webmasters dream resource (tutorials, free graphics and product reviews). Great site, HUGELY popular.

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