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Why an Exotic?

For those who like the Persian look but do not have the time or patience to cope with the coat of a long-haired cat, an Exotic could be the answer.
The coat, which is slightly longer than other short-haired cats, is dense, plush and soft in texture. With a little regular grooming to get rid of loose hair the coat will not mat or tangle.
C. Webb's Hernewood Naughtybutnice and Geogrie Girl. © M. Fry
C. Webb's Hernewood Naughtybutnice & Georgie Girl
N. Gardner's Garchell Idris N. Gardner's Garchell Idris asleep with Ron The temperament of the Exotic also makes it an ideal choice as a pet. Exotics tend to be gentle cats with very endearing natures. They are affectionate and enjoy the attention of their owners. They love to play with you or to curl up on your lap for a nap, they may even want to sleep with you.
Exotics make loyal companions and are comfortable to have around your home. The rewards you can get from owning them are numerous.

Which colour?

N. Gardner's Garchell Kitten N. Gardner's Garchell Kitten Mr & Mrs McEwen's Pennydown Braveheart© A. Robinson
Mr & Mrs McEwen's Pennydown Braveheart
M. Smith's Hernewood Champagne CharlieM. Smith's Hernewood Champagne Charlie Mr & Mrs Clark's Adhirsh Antique JardiniereMr & Mrs Clark's Adhirsh Antique Jardiniere
At present there are over 140 colours that have been allocated breed numbers by G.C.C.F. and since there are only a few hundred Exotic kittens being born every year it may not always be possible to get the exact colour you are looking for.
However, the Exotic Cat Society keeps a kitten register of kittens that are available at any one time. Details of who to contact are listed on the appropriate web page.
In addition you may also get some information by visiting either The Show pages and looking through the show results, or the Titled Exotics pages and looking to see which colours are being bred by various breeders.
              Pennydown Chocolate Mousse© A. Robinson
McEwen's Pennydown Chocolate Mousse
C. Webb's Hernewood Georgie Girl© M. Fry
C. Webb's Hernewood Georgie Girl
Quinbury Cordon Bleu, bred by J. WarrenJ Warren's
Quinbury Cordon Bleu
M. Smith's Hernewood Iwanna HeroM. Smith's Hernewood Iwanna Hero

How can I find a breeder?

You can find a breeder by;

Contacting the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F.) who will be able to give you the relevant contact information for a breed or area club.
5 Kings Castle Business Park,
The Drove,

Tel: 01278 427 575

Visiting a cat show where you will be able to see the cats for yourself and also have the opportunity to speak to breeders and owners of Exotics.
There is a full list of shows on the G.C.C.F. web site.

Contacting the Exotic Cat Society National Kitten Register Co-ordinator (details on the Kitten Register page or the Who's Who page )

Contacting your local R.S.P.C.A. branch, Cats Protection branch or other welfare organization. Remember there may be a few Exotic Cats, who through no fault of their own (eg. divorce), have ended being placed with these organizations.

Contacting your local vet, who may beable to help.


What do I look for in a kitten?

C. Carpenter's Milagro Percy C. Carpenter's Milagro Percy   Your kitten (and it's litter-mates) should be happy, healthy and robust. It should be litter-trained (usually by mum), vaccinated (by the breeder) and show no signs of parasites or disease.
Look for a lively, inquisitive kitten with a good appetite, a clean coat, clean ears and bright eyes.
C. Webb's Hernewood Kittens C. Webb's Hernewood Kittens C. Webb's Hernewood Kittens C. Webb's Hernewood Kittens
C. Webb's Hernewood Kittens (Only a few days old)

Taking your kitten home

If this is your first cat there are a number of items that you will need:


Food Bowl

Water Dish

Cat litter

Litter Box

Litter Scoop

Somewhere to sleep


Carrying Box
(Top openers now recommended)

Scratching Post


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